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Part of my wellness journey of helping others is to try and educate the importance of why it is importance to look after your nails and hands/feet from a holistic point of view. The main thing is that this treatment is no-colour. Why? You may ask. Well, from my early beginnings as a Beauty Therapist. whilst conducting traditional manicures and pedicures. I soon came to realise that many clients had various conditions to their nail plate.

Such as broken, brittle, thin, thickened, discoloured nails and dry hands and cuticles. Most of them admitted that it was improper nail care and overuse of nail polish over a exceedingly long time.

After many years of listening and seeing clients in distress and concern, I pursued to investigate on why these conditions occur even more often these days in order to help them.

With so many individuals looking for perfection and following trends having “your nails done” seems to make a lot of people quite happy. I personally am not against coloured nail polish but seeing the effect it has had on my own nails many years ago made me aware of the misuse of nail varnish over a extended period of time and the effect it has had on nail plate and cuticles. The industry advice on manicures and pedicures is to give your nails a rest from time to time from nail colour. Also bear in mind as pretty and colourful the nail colours may seem, they are chemicals!

Nails need to breath and kept hydrated to encouraged healthy growth without breaking and chipping /flaking away.

This therapy is more than just being no-colour. It is an ideal way of looking at the hands and feet and nails as a whole. A recent survey found that continuous use of harmful nail polish can be very toxic to our health, such as headaches, dermatitis, breathing difficulties, organ failure, fertility issues. dizziness, and nausea. Our Holistic Pedicure and Manicure is always finished with therapeutic natural oils to soften the cuticle and nail plate and to give a natural shine. Such as almond oil or olive oil.


The nail plate is porous, therefore NOT hard. Meaning that when you paint your nail plate the toxic chemicals go into your blood stream and can harm your health.

Main culprits found in nail colours

  • Toluene -Known to cause headaches if used repeatedly.

  • Formaldehyde-Can be toxic.

  • Dibutyl phthalate-In nail polish (DBP) toxic chemical


If the need is still quite there for regular coloured varnish, maybe try polish gel- non-toxic products. Or better still just go holistic.

For more information, please see the service menu on Holistic Manicure and Pedicure on the treatment and price menu at


  1. Why not give your nails a weekend or a week break from coloured nail varnish and see the difference this will make to your nails. This may help you take a more holistic health care of your nails.

  2. You can try a warm oil treatment at home just use a small plastic bowl with therapeutic oils e.g. almond oil (not if you have nut allergies.) Place inside a large bowl with hot/warm water, then place fingertips in to help with dry nails and cuticles. Soak for 5mins then massage well into the nail plate and hands also.

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