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Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Do you know there are 42 individual facial muscles in the face? They are in the cheeks, chin, eyebrows, eyelids, forehead lips, and the nose and nostrils.

From the age of 21 our skin starts to show signs of ageing and as we become older the signs of ageing become more apparent. Therefore, the facial muscles start to sag and lose their elastically. These are the some of the signs of ageing.

  • Photoaging that can affect the skin. Is direct cumulative sun damage that an induvial throughout their life has received, otherwise known as premature ageing.

  • Dry skin

  • Uneven skin tone

  • Rough skin texture

  • Visible open pores

  • Lines on the forehead and around the mouth

  • General sagging of the skin

This is generally nature, but also lifestyle habits, such as not drinking enough water each day. Smoking and drinking large quantity of alcohol on a regular basis and lack of proper skincare routine. Also lack of sleep. (at least 6-7 hours is the norm) also a lack of vitamin C.

Do you think there is nothing that can help you? Have you given up all hope to see a more youthful, younger appearance come back again?

Even, thinking to save up for to have aesthetics treatments (which are very expensive) and plastic surgery, which could go wrong especially if the doctor is not experienced or not even regulated to carry out such procedures.

We may be able to help you in a safe and natural way. The aim is restoration for you to see visible difference, even after one session.

Welcome to ALL ABOUT EVE Spa Signature Holistic Facial Massage.

This unique facial massage is born out of great concern and seeing the need that individuals require to restore their facial features in a safe and natural way. No special lotions, creams, steaming, chemical peeling, injections. We use only the best and natural oils such as aromatherapy oils, olive oil, fractionated coconut oils.

We have also formulated a special technique of a facial massage to help brighten the facial area, firm, and tighten the facial contours.

Helping to promote healthy skin and facial muscles. We have proven results on what we can do for you, to achieve the facial skin improvement you have always wanted to have.

First the skin is cleanse 2x2, tone and a skin analysed is carried out to define what skin type the person is. Focus is on facial massage using coconut oil, aromatherapy oil or organic virgin olive oil.

The techniques include lifting, tapping, effleurage, pinching, rolling and cupping. This is a Swedish facial massage technique. A gua sha massage tool is also implemented to boast blood circulation and promote lymphatic drainage.

There are many any types of facial massage techniques. Such as

  • Reflexology

  • Remedial

For real proven results, a recommendation of 3 sessions is suggested by us.


1 Best not to sleep on the same side of your face every night, as this can cause deep lines and wrinkles to develop over a period.

2 Eat a healthy balanced diet.

3 Follow a skin care routine and use products for your skin type.

"Annette was fantastic! My partner had a facial and loved it!!!"


"Annette is so lovely, this is the second time I go and this for a 1h facial treatment that was amazing! I will be back for another one soon"


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